21st Century STEM Skills that prepare students for College and Careers 

Introduction to Lab Robotics

Students are introduced to 3D printing and bioprinting technology and their significance in applied sciences and engineering.

Basic CAD for 3D printing & bioprinting

Students learn basic skills in computer-aided design and apply their knowledge in geometry to create 3D shapes and models for their project.

Enzymes for Biotechnology

Students learn why enzymes are important for biotechnology and be able to run experiments to evaluate the biological activity.

Bacteria for Biotechnology

Students learn how bacteria is useful in research and advancing healthcare. They will design and conduct their own experiments to learn about their behavior. 

Algae for Green Technology

Students learn about algae photosynthesis and how it can be useful for producing algae biofuels.

Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering

Students learn what biomaterials are and how they are applied in tissue engineering.

Applied Science & Engineering Program

Helping students gain the STEM skills to become scientists and engineers (K9-12)

SE3D Applied Science & Engineering Program is designed for K9-12 STEM classrooms that prepares next generation students for future careers. The courses in this program provide a multi-disciplinary approach to learning, integrating science, engineering and programming into the coursework, with the emphasis of "learning by doing". Courses are structured around the use of robotics as a central component for skills training in future industries. Students are engaged with hands-on lab activities using the r3bEL desktop bioprinter and are able to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in this program.