The Bacteria Starter Biokit contains the K12 E. coli strain, a hydrogel printing material and bacteria assay indicator for creating microbial arrays.
For 25 experiments

Our BioKits

This custom acrylic template is designed to fit 4 petri dishes 

Only $26 each

Bed Template C

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Needle Tips

Bed Template A

Bacteria Starter BioKit

Bed Template B

This custom acrylic template is designed to fit 2 petri dishes and 1 well plate

Only $26 each

Enzyme Starter BioKit

This custom acrylic template is designed to fit 2 well plates

Only $26 each

The Algae Photosytnehsis BioKit contains concentrated algae stock, growth media, a hydrogel printing material and an indicator for creating algae arrays. 

For 25 experiments

Our bioreagent kits are designed for teachers to set up simple experiments or lab demonstrations quickly in the classroom. With SE3D's all-in-one BioKits, students can easily prepare, design and run their own experiments with enzymes, algae, bacteria and more. Setting up experiments in biology, biochemistry and biotechnology is easy with the r3bEL bioprinter.  

You can now purchase disposable leur-lok 14G or 22G needle tips from us

Qty 50 per pack

Algae Starter BioKit

This Enzyme Starter BioKit contains a horseradish peroxidase enzyme-substrate system and a biomaterial for printing enzyme arrays. 
For 100 experiments