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Bioprinted enzymes and bacterial assays serve as a great tool for understanding biological systems in many biotechnology applications such as enzyme engineering and drug discovery.

Bioprinted 3D cell-based assays are already heavily used in pharmaceutical industry to screen and develop new drugs. Future applications in bioprinted tissue or organs are also being explored.

Tissue Engineering

Green Technology

Teacher Support

Innovative STEM Curriculum


Our r3bEL bioprinter and BioKits are supported with an innovative bioscience focused STEM curriculum that enables students to perform lab experiments in three primary tracks. 

Bioprinted algae arrays serve as a great platform to study or engineer processes to optimize biofuel production. Microbes and algae play a vital role in sustaining our environmental ecosystem.

Educator Workshop

Each track covers topics in biology or biotechnology that include fundamentals, proteins, enzymes, bacteria, and algae. Students will learn fundamentals while applying science.

SE3D Education provides full-year curriculum for high schools.

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