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Classroom bioprinter for innovative schools, STEM labs and MakerSpaces

The r3bEL is an easy-to-use and affordable desktop bioprinter that is an ideal science lab equipment for future classrooms supporting STEM and STEAM initiatives.  Students will experience robotics, engineering, and programming in science based applications. 

What can you print with R3BEL?

ENZYMES                       BACTERIA                         ALGAE                     ANIMAL CELLS                 CHOCOLATE

With backing from the National Science Foundation, our mission is to stimulate interest in bioscience to prepare and propel the next generation of biomedical scientists, engineers and innovators. 

The r3bEL is supported with an innovative bioscience focused STEM curriculum that enables students to perform experiments in different industry tracks. SE3D Education provides interactive curriculum in the biotechnology, green technology and tissue engineering. Learn more about Our Curriculum.

 Teachers and students can access our lab curriculum for the bioprinter via online using our curriculum portal or have the option for printed workbooks. You can learn more about our content by viewing our Curriculum Portal

There are a multitude of science lab activities and applications that can performed the r3bEL bioprinter