Lab Innovator Starter Package


The Science Lab Innovators Program 2017 (SLIP) was created to support innovative educational initiatives focused on Life/Bio science education. Conceived by Dr. Mayasari Lim and Dr. Prashanth Asuri, SE3D Education was formed to create products that would stimulate a student’s interest in Life/Bio science careers through challenging, hands-on lessons that utilize technology.

To tackle this mission, SE3D Education, supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), designed and manufactured a desktop bioprinter for the classroom that incorporates both lab robotics automation and 3D bioprinting technology. The product called r3bEL can be programmed to perform automated robotic functions similar to those found in professional labs. The first of its kind, 3D bioprinting feature enables students to create a variety of assays and other experiments using an array of viscous substrates (from biomaterials to chocolate).

Lab Innovators is comprised of teachers and institutions who are dedicated to pioneering innovative initiatives in bioscience education using 3D bioprinting and lab robotic technology.  

Program Benefits

  • Access to an exclusive knowledgebase of content and curriculum
  • Collaboration with industry professionals
  • Online training and development workshops
  • Free registration to SE3D Education Bioprinting Annual conference
  • Free admission to SE3D Education receptions at industry events (as applicable)

In addition, your organization will be listed as a program participant on our website and your efforts noted in our social and public relations media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, etc.).

Participant Requirements

  • Institutional mission to promote bioscience education and career development
  • Dedicated bioscience program leadership by an individual or committee
  • Demonstrated innovative application or curriculum associated with use of r3bEL 

To learn more about this program, contact one of our curriculum specialist today

The Lab Innovation Starter package is an affordable option for institutions seeking a complete package (Bioprinter, Curriculum, Lab Kits, & Support) to launch a science focused STEM innovation lab that incorporates lab robotics technology and 3D bioprinting.

Complete package includes:

One r3bEL MiniLab with limited warranty included
Curriculum/Content portal (Teacher & Student)
Biokit Lab Tests
Training resources for software, hardware, and use of biokits
Dedicated customer and technical support

For package pricing specific your budget or grant requirements, please contact us at sales@se3d dot com