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Santa Clara, CA, July 31, 2018 – SE3D, a company leading innovation in bioprinting education and technology, announced today that it has published its first online course for bioprinting. This course represents a significant technical achievement, the first educational course geared towards democratizing bioprinting knowledge.


“We hope that the idea of universal access to bioprinting course materials will create a global web of knowledge that will enhance the quality of research, healthcare, and regenerative medicine, therefore enhancing the quality of life across the world,” said SE3D co-founder Dr. Mayasari Lim. “We are excited to offer this global initiative and aim to raise the standard for bioscience research.”

"We are thrilled to render  technologies  such as bioprinting more affordable as well as provide learning and training resources to increase its accessibility to students and professionals," said SE3D cofounder Prashanth Asuri.

This course is intended for anyone who is interested in learning what bioprinting is and current and future impact on research and research. No previous scientific knowledge or background is required to take this course. The first course currently available is an Introduction to Bioprinting which offers a history of bioprinting, overview of bioprinting technology and techniques, biomaterials, and more.


Learn the basics of bioprinting now.



SE3D is an EdTech startup, funded by the National Science Foundation, specializing in science education courseware and desktop 3D bioprinters for K9-14.  Our unique curriculum and equipment is designed to prepare and propel the next generation of biomedical scientists, engineers and innovators. 

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