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Santa Clara, CA, September 6, 2018 – SE3D, a company leading innovation in bioprinting education and technology, announced today that it has partnered with VWR and Ward's Science to bring the r3bEL mini bioprinter into the education market globally. VWR is an American company involved in the distribution of research laboratory products, with over 1,200,000 items to more than 250,000 customers in North America and Europe. Ward's Science is a supplier of science education materials for high school and college-level studies. 

SE3D’s partnership with Ward’s Science / VWR enables the r3bEL mini bioprinter and biokits to be sold through an expanded distribution channel to customers with applications in drug discovery, research, and cellular scaffolds. Partnering with VWR will allow SE3D to reach a larger customer base in the academic and research industry.

Additionally, this strategic partnership will help strengthen Ward’s Science portfolio and offerings to K12 schools and community colleges. Ward’s Science’s integration of bioprinting tools in their STEM and science offerings are a novel strategy to foster creativity and innovation in tomorrow’s scientist. These key partnerships will make SE3D’s products available globally through their widespread distribution channel.

The r3bEL mini bioprinter and biokits are now available for purchase from both websites. Biokits currently available for purchase are the: Starch Degradation BioKit, Enzyme Starter BioKit, Bacteria Starter BioKit, Photosynthesis Starter BioKit, Biomaterial Starter BioKit, and the Bioprinting Starter BioKit. 

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SE3D is an EdTech startup, funded by the National Science Foundation, specializing in science education courseware and desktop 3D bioprinters for K9-14.  Our unique curriculum and equipment is designed to prepare and propel the next generation of biomedical scientists, engineers and innovators. 

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