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Santa Clara, CA, May 5, 2017 –  SE3D, a company leading innovation in bioscience education and technology, is excited to announce that it is now offering their products on Amazon. SE3D is capitalizing on the 3D-bioprinter market inside academics to spread across teaching labs. SE3D’s mission is to bring innovation into the classroom to inspire more students to explore in the field of bioscience. We hope that our product offerings will further support Amazon’s goal in breaking boundaries to help improve the education system and spark new conversations.

SE3D’s classroom bioprinter (r3bEL) brings lots of excitement for students as they are now able to see first-hand how to connect science and real world applications. One parent raves it “ignites STEM career pursuits in students.” SE3D’s innovative STEM curriculum supporting the use of the bioprinter gives students a basic exposure to experimentation and opens a gateway to lead to more students getting involved in science.

 The model that is currently available for sale on Amazon is the r3bEL bioprinter. The r3bEL is easy to use and affordable. It is also adaptable to a number of different classroom applications that is supported by SE3D’s curriculum. SE3D also provides all-in-one BioKits that compliments their curriculum. “We are eager to continue our mission of increasing the scientific awareness in young students and glad that Amazon is facilitating us by making educational tools readily accessible to more schools and students.” Said Dr. Mayasari Lim, CEO of SE3D.

About SE3D

SE3D is an EdTech startup, funded by the National Science Foundation, specializing in science education courseware and desktop 3D bioprinters for K9-14. Our unique curriculum and equipment is designed to prepare and propel the next generation of biomedical scientists, engineers and innovators.


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