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Santa Clara, CA, December 21, 2016 –  SE3D, a company leading innovation in bioscience education and technology, announced today that it will be going to showcase the r3bEL bioprinter at CES 2017.  As one of the Phase II grantees, SE3D has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation to showcase their technology at the EurekaPark Marketplace.


"We are thrilled to be attending CES 2017 for the first time with other SBIR Phase II grantees" said Dr. Mayasari Lim, CEO of SE3D. Check out how our team reacted when they heard the news.


Here is a list of NSF funded companies who will be showcasing their technology alongside with SE3D at the show. Be sure not to miss them when you visit EurekaPark Marketplace. 


About CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the top five largest expos in the United States drawing over 160,000 people from all over the world. In 2017, it celebrates its 50th year anniversary.

About SE3D

SE3D.com is an EdTech startup, funded by the National Science Foundation, specializing in science education courseware and desktop 3D bioprinters for K9-14.  Our unique curriculum and equipment is designed to prepare and propel the next generation of biomedical scientists, engineers and innovators. 


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