East Bay College Prep School Provides Bioprinting Experiences

October 16, 2018

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East Bay College Prep School Provides Bioprinting Experiences

September 22, 2017

This month we are featuring a local Bay Area college-preparatory school, Moreau Catholic High School (MCHS), in Hayward and recognizing their dedication to provide academic excellence to their students. Over the past year, MCHS has worked closely with SE3D to create a rigorous curriculum integrating new technology, bioprinting, that provides students with real-life application of knowledge. Their science department chair, Ms. Kerrie Gibson, is passionate about providing innovative tools that enhance student learning experiences. SE3D’s desktop bioprinters, as Kerrie describes, “reached a lot of students’ interests and has the whole class engaged”. Every day, her students could not wait to get their hands on the r3bEL bioprinters, eagerly prompting her for the next opportunity to use these devices in class.


 Interview with Kerrie Gibson, Science Department Chair of MCHS, sharing her thoughts about how bioprinting has changed student learning experiences at her school.


Apart from being able to integrate biology, engineering, and programming in a course through the r3bEL bioprinters, Kerrie also noticed that it has changed the mindset that her students have on learning. Because of their own motivation, curiosity, and commitment to learn more about 3D bioprinting technology, she observed that her students improved their overall learning in class and have really started thinking about their future career and college choices. 


Reputed for their commitment to academic excellence and as leaders in classroom innovation, MCHS Science Innovation lab also offers virtual holographic technology (zSpace) and personalized learning programs focused on teaching students how to think rather than what to think.


To learn more about Moreau Catholic High School, visit http://www.moreaucatholic.org/

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