Best 3D Printers in the Dental Industry

October 16, 2018

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Best 3D Printers in the Dental Industry of 2018

August 20, 2018

Over the past few years, the field of 3D printing has rapidly expanded to include a plethora of new applications. In particular, the dental and orthodontic field have seen the rise of 3D printing implementations throughout the past decade. In this review, we objectively describe five of the best printers in the dental healthcare industry using our extensive knowledge of the 3D printing field.


Model: Nyomo MINNY 3D Printer

Why you should buy it: Lightweight and professional quality for a reasonable price

Who is it For: User level versatility, accommodates assorted skill levels, from students to industry professionals

Pitfalls: Does not work without proprietary resin cartridges

Price Point: $3,290.00

With its compact size and high printing speed working in tandem with its resolution capability and extensive applications, the MINNY 3D printer provides a number of qualities, ranging from convenience to precision for all users. The MINNY printer supports a variety of healthcare applications involving the creation of dental crowns and XX etc. Additionally, the printer has a user-friendly color LCD interface and utilizes Nyomo’s highly functional 3D printing software, Unyk Express. However, note that the use  the printer includes a $98 monthly license needed to use Nyomo’s 3D printing software. Proprietary resin cartridges are also necessary in order to use this printer, but the MINNY offers a level of technological accuracy that is unparalleled by other printers of its size and price, making it a worthwhile investment for buyers.


Model: FormLabs Form 2 3D Printer


Why you should buy it: Creates detailed models at a rapid production rate

Who is it For: Digital dental laboratories or clinics

Pitfalls: High cost of materials, particularly resin

Price Point: $3,350.00

The FormLabs Form 2 3D printer promises a reliable device and detailed products, along with the ability to design a model using the standard CAD software. In addition, the printer includes built-in PreForm software for tracking the printing process as well as supply levels, enabling users to easily monitor the progress of a project and methodically plan surgically guides beforehand. The printer also has the capacity to accomplish precise dental implants, customize retainers and aligners to patients, and create dental and orthodontic models. Although the materials, including the resin cartridges, do need to be frequently replaced, this can be accomplished directly from the dashboard of the PreForm software, allowing for a comfortable user experience. Furthermore, refilling the materials can be expensive, with the lowest price at $149 for 1 liter of dental model resin. Despite these factors, the FormLabs printer does offer a high-quality, professional printer, along with services from the technical support team to troubleshoot issues.


Model: MoonRay S Wireless 3D Printer

Why you should buy it: Durable, simple to operate

Who is it For: Professionals and novice users in the dental industry and digital dental laboratories

Pitfalls: Quite heavy and expensive for a relatively small printer

Price Point: $3,999.00

The MoonRay S Wireless printer is a desktop device that can produce high-quality, detailed 3D prints. Thanks to its RayWare software, the printer has the ability to create accurate and precise support structures with a minimal waste of materials, making it a pragmatic choice for a dental practice or laboratory that specializes in printing numerous dental molds and casts on a regular basis. SprintRay, the company that produces this printer, also provides superior customer support, meaning that a representative will attempt to resolve technical issues for consumers. The MoonRay S Wireless printer also has an XY resolution of 100 microns, which is a much higher resolution than that of other printers and makes the MoonRay one of the most precise desktop printers in the industry.


Model: Ultimaker S5


Why you should buy it: Easy to set up, delivers a large build volume

Who is it For: Professionals and novice users in the dental industry and digital dental laboratories

Pitfalls: Expensive, in the price range for industry laboratories and practices with high funding

Price Point: $5,995.00

The Ultimaker S5, complete with improvements and upgrades, is the newest addition to the company’s repertoire of innovative 3D printers. The latest model of Ultimaker’s products includes several novel features, including a larger build volume, an enhanced feeder, and a touch screen display. Like its predecessors, the S5 promises a comprehensive 3D printing solution, especially for the dental industry. In particular, the printer’s ability to integrate a wide range of materials allows for the creation of complex prints, such as highly precise dental models that require minimal post-processing, if any. Additionally, the Ultimaker Cura utilizes open source software to maximizes efficiency without sacrificing quality. Because the Ultimaker S5 has a number of features and augmentations, the price point is worth it for professionals in the dental industry who have the means to purchase the product.



Model: Moai - Affordable Laser SLA printer

Why you should buy it: Reasonably priced without sacrificing quality

Who is it For: Novice users in a digital dental laboratory or clinic

Downsides: Highest resolution possible is five microns, materials (resin) have to be purchased separately

Price Point: $1,295.00

The Moai - Affordable Laser SLA printer is affordable and compact, making it ideal for less experienced users or smaller dental practices. Despite its smaller size and lower price, this printer still provides access to laser exposure settings, which is an instrumental tool for researchers and developers aiming to experiment with curing of dental molds. Peopoly Moai has also recently released a new software--Asura--which is free to download and use. The new software simplifies the process of 3D printing resin, and the company describes the software as versatile enough to satisfy the needs of both first time users and experienced users.


Although the field of dental 3D printing continues to broaden, the above-mentioned 3D printers are highly advanced tools that provide an excellent experience for new users in the dental field.


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